Essential Oil Roller Trio

Essential Oil Roller Trio

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Take a deep breathe, clear your airways and ease your mind with our premium essential oil blends.

Simply apply to your pulse points throughout the day, and allow your senses to take in the essential oils to allow yourself to become clear, calm, and relaxed.

An added calming tip is to roll some of the blend on the palm of your hand, cup your hands together, close your eyes, and take a few deep breathes of the blend. 

BREATHE:  Eucalyptus | Lavender | Mandarin | Jojoba Carrier Oil

SLEEP:  Lavender | Mandarin | Marjoram | Bergamot | Jojoba Carrier Oil

CALM:  Lavender | Chamomile | Ylang Ylang | Jojoba Carrier Oil

You save $12 with our trio!