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Blake + Arloe



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“Helping you to breathe & centre yourself”

Welcoming our newest range to the Blake and Arloe collections.

Our brand-new Crystal infused candles are the perfect addition to your healing and balancing journey.

Both the 'healing' and 'balance' candles hold a special place in my heart . These two candles will help you guide you through the hardships that life can throw at you.

This candle was designed to ease anxiety and the feeling of being heavy with this calming blend. Those who have suffered with anxiety or depression know just how hard it is to breathe in a triggering situation and this candle is designed to help balance out those feelings and to ground yourself during that time.

This candle is topped with clear quartz chips to really enhance the overall healing abilities that this candle should bring.


300g coco soy wax.

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